March 23, 2023



Brian has worked on comic book titles such as GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, DOCTOR WHO, STAR TREK, GHOSTBUSTERS and more. Other projects include his creator owned comics WILLIAM THE LAST, and GUNSHIP THUNDERPUNCH. You can catch him on YouTube almost daily during art livestreams and browse though his library or art tips/tutorials.


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john sheldrick

Your art work is amazing!will you be doing any commission work at NYCC?
If so please add me to your list.Thanks for your time…..John

Rob Smith

Love the YouTube channel! Working on watching all the videos. Really enjoy the live drawing/chatting videos.

I would love either a video or post sharing the tools/equipment you like to use with both traditional drawing and digital.

Take care and keep on drawing!

Eddie Gonzalez

Thank you so much recently for responding to my comments on. you you tube channel; I like the way you are slowing it down. It helps to see how to use clip studio on a tutorial with slow movements and explanations on which buttons are being used and why. For us beginners we need a place to start. Hope you draw more transformers showing all the steps you use slowly. I am now subscribed to your channel. I didn’t know you drew GI Joe hope you draw him In your upcoming videos . You fan Eddie

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