Bad Habits and Digital Cocaine

The Examined Life

I’ve let bad habits creep in. You probably have too.

We’re all carrying a little digital cigarette in our pocket. That’s putting it too mildly. We all have a little rectangular block of digital cocaine in our pocket. Fueled by years of research by people we don’t know whose one task was to get us to keep looking at it and consuming content.

We all know it’s not healthy. We all feel it. But at some point you have to first hand discover the problems it’s causing for you personally before you do something about it. It’s not that the content is necessarily bad, but the habits we’ve formed…that’ll kill our minds.

If you’re a creator of any type, maybe you notice it’s harder to concentrate. Maybe the news makes you stressed. Maybe that random comment from that random person you don’t know hit you the wrong way. Perhaps you look up and an hour has passed and you’ve done nothing except swiping, scrolling, staring and searching for your next dopamine hit to kick in.

If you want to check to see if you’re more passive or active mentally, take 15 minutes with a pen and paper. And just write. Think of something to write that isn’t just something you’ve seen recently online. See if the ideas come easily or if you have to pull and yank and sit staring blankly at the paper for a while.

You might need to be more thoughtful about that little addiction in your pocket.

I know I do.

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