Keeping on Keeping on.


Things never go according to plan. I’m old enough to know that. And yet, I seem to always fall into the trap of thinking, if only subconsciously, “if I do X then Y will happen.”

We’re into the oppressive, humid part of summer down here in North Carolina. With vacations, projects and family schedules being what they are, it feels like I’m limping along. I hustle to create, draw, write, make videos, etc, etc, etc. Then I step back and realize that for all the time and effort, the end results are not what I expected.

Whether it’s the money X brought in, or the eyeballs on whatever video or art project, there’s a vast number of factors I fail to take into account to temper my expectations. A lot of these things are outside my control. Some things are in my control, but human nature being what it is I often stumble over my own feet. Such is life.

So I make stuff anyway.

Here’s a collection of some of what I’ve been doing. (Some things I can’t show yet.) And if you like the content I put out consider supporting over on

I’ve been working (slowly) on uploading videos for the Pair-O-Normals channel and a new movie review show called Film Flam. Go give a sub and hit the bell for notifications if you haven’t!

2 thoughts on “Keeping on Keeping on.

  1. I have sent email and FaceBook messages before with no response. Would be interested in GI joe original art if you showed what was available rather than some random pic. People might be willing to pay more if they knew what they were buying.

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