Changing seasons, Changing tools


We’re into the part of summer where people say they’re ready for fall. Everyone forgets that fall lasts two weeks and then it’s straight into months of early darkness and scraping ice off the car. I’m old enough to remind myself to be happy with wherever I am on the calendar.

What I do enjoy switching up is digital brushes. With traditional tools, I tend to stick with what I have more of a mastery over. But digital is different. I find it’s easier to get in a rut with digital tools.

Maybe it’s because I’m always chasing an analog, natural feel. At least, that’s what I do now. I get tired with slick looking, near perfect lines and colors. The lines that make your characters need character, too.

Switching brushes gets me a little more excited and enthusiastic about what I’m doing. It switches off the auto pilot button. Leave the auto pilot for planes. Drawing should involve a lot of crashing and burning.

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