2 Self-promotion No-Nos

Art and Business

I hopped into a livestream with Elliot Fernandez on Instagram the other day and drew these ladies while we chatted. A couple things we talked about that bear repeating for anyone trying to promote themselves:

  1. Don’t mass tag artists to get their attention.
  2. Don’t post “Hey, great work give me a follow.”

As for the first on the list, it gums up notifications for the artist and eventually they will just ignore you anyway. It’s okay to tag every once in a while for something they might be interested in. But otherwise it comes across as spamming.

Second, the “great work follow me” comments always come across as the person not really caring at all about your stuff, they’re just trying to get followers. Again, it comes across as spam.

There are no shortcuts to building followers. Or, if there are, these aren’t them.

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