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You might have heard a few people talking about Locals.com. (It’s not a dating site!) I tend to resist jumping onboard platforms. Which might not be the best thing in terms of marketing, though I have tried a few newer ones and decided for various reasons they’re not worth it (like Minds, for example. Not worth it to me.)

But I have jumped on Locals and I’ll tell you why. It’s a really good combination of a Patreon-like monthly support system along with a Facebook-ish community. But not in the crappy way.

Anyone can join Shearer Town for free as a member and get early access to everything I put online.

Supporters get exclusive content like videos, vlog, and other extras I don’t put anywhere else.

95% of everything I create I put out online for free. This is a way for people who want to throw a little support my way can do so, and I’ll give them some fun stuff in return. And supporters and post over on the community as well. The app is actually pretty functional as well. Which is a plus. It’s a really easy way to keep up with what I do.


And if you’re a creative who puts stuff out and doesn’t want to join Patreon, this is a good alternative.

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