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Before we moved, my studio was a finished one car garage. Lots of space with my drawing table at one end and my computer desk at the other. I also had enough room for a TV, a couch, and a piano. I had grand visions of expanding to maybe a full basement or something when we moved.

Life, of course, happens.

When we moved to our current house I had half the space I was used to. No more couch or piano. But as it turned out, I’m way more productive in this space than my last. For one, I can just spin my chair from my computer desk to face my drawing table. I no longer have to get up and walk across a room to scan things in. Those little details actually make a difference.

For those of you who like how other people set up their work spaces, here’s the current state of my studio.

  1. A red circle. If you watch my show Pair-O-Normals you get it.
  2. The command center. XP-Pen Artist Pro 15.6 tablet for digital art. My mic and preamp that I got for making music (but now just makes me sound like an NPR host on livestreams), and a vast amount of stuff I need to clear off.
  3. The drawing table. It’s at critical mass. I just ordered a standing desk converter because I sit too much. I’m drawing standing up from here on out! (maybe)
  4. Every plant I have dies. And this was a cactus, so that’s an achievement.
  5. The deck where I livestream amongst the birds
  6. An original Spider-man newspaper strip, written by Stan Lee, art by Alex Saviuk. Also a clock that’s stuck at 11:49. And above the door a Doctor Who print (with a hand-drawn 11th Doctor) by Mad Magazine artist Tom Richmond.
  7. My chair. It’s falling apart and I have two pillows to make it more comfortable. I need to splurge for a better one.
  8. My bookshelf of most recently read books. Next to my dad’s old recliner.
  9. Guitars I haven’t played in a while.
  10. The art book shelf. Instruction books, and photo reference.
  11. Old art books my dad had from the 50s. Plus a Star Trek storybook record!
  12. My Krav Maga Blackbelt challenge coins and bronze medal from a kickboxing tournament.
  13. Midi Keyboard for composing that awesome Gunship Thunderpunch Synthwave Album!
  14. the warehouse where I store my books before shipping. AKA the laundry room.
  1. My Dad’s old 1970s-era recliner that I read and take naps in.
  2. My guitars and mandolin. I need to restring all of them and get my chops back
  3. Fireplace. My studio is the den off the back of the house
  4. Treadmill. Just to get some extra exercise in on rainy days.
  5. I have my desk lamps pointed at the ceiling so it doesn’t cast shadows when I draw.
  6. All my old Transformers and a few Masterpiece editions.
  7. The shipping table. There’s a stack of my Art book ready to be shipped and some returns from a previous campaign.
  8. Brother 11×17 printer/scanner. It’s almost 10 years old now.
  9. A painting that’s been sitting there for months waiting for me to finish it.
  10. Old star wars toys from my childhood along with Omega Supreme and other misc figures.
  11. Original comic art. Conan/Red Sonja, GI Joe, Spider-man, Wizard of Oz among others.
  12. I hung a swing for my son. This is leftover rope. It shouldn’t be here.
  13. A big stack of things I don’t know where to put. Including: A box of old toys, a box of cassette tapes I can’t bring myself to throw out, lighting equipment I need to return to a friend, a green screen, and a boxing helmet.

Well, there it is. The tide of clutter comes and goes as I get motivated to periodically clean.

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