PROBLEMATIC Patreon Shenanigans

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I’ve been on Patreon for years. Never really made much of a following over there, but then again I never have pushed it much. I mainly set it up for people to throw a few bucks my way if they enjoy the free content I put out. At times I’ve offered art tiers for people who might want that sort of thing.

ClownfishTV’s on YouTube covered how Patreon is trying to make editorial decisions for certain creators. On occasion they’ve asked a creator for access to their Google Drive account to look over their files. Now, I have no idea of the specifics in those cases, but it seems clearly out of their sphere of concern. Or should be.

I’m not big into boycotting. If I pulled away from every business that did something I didn’t like I’d be living in the woods somewhere wearing tattered bearskin clothes. But one thing I have started doing is not basing the foundation of my business and platform on someone else’s land. At least inasmuch as I can.

That’s the biggest takeaway. If you have income coming from an audience, and a third party can interfere with that income, that third party needs to go. Before it becomes a problem.

So I’ll probably nix my Patreon. Maybe I’ll figure something else out. There are other options. And that’s what some platforms seem to forget the bigger they get. There are always other options.

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