Nobody cares what you make…unless…


Nobody cares what you have to say unless it does something for them.

For example, that something can be giving them a laugh, a feeling of justified anger, or a solution to a problem. Tutorials solve problems. Political rants give rise to intense emotions. Opinionated commentary on pop culture minutiae gives something if nothing else but the escape from the mundane through fleeting turmoil.

For the longest time I wanted to give the audience as sense of enjoyment from whatever I made. I think you have to have a special degree of skill to make whatever you write deliver that. Some writers can make a walk to the grocery store infused with magic. I wish I could do that. Maybe one day I’ll break through to that level, but in the meantime I have to be honest with myself about what I can do.

I can solve a problem with tutorials and tips and make some people laugh. My biggest problem is packaging. Selling those two things in a TikTok culture is hard. Grabbing people with titles and tiny thumbnails is hard. I haven’t cracked the code despite the ample marketing books and YouTuber tip videos I consume. It’s easy to say “Thumbnails and Titles are key.” I know how keys work. But I’ve never had to fashion my own for every door I come to.

I wish I had a good resolution to this. I know one sure way to build up a following and put money in your pocket. Tell people how to build a following and put money in your pocket. Then point to your audience as proof to your audience that you know how to build an audience.

So instead of making this neatly wrapped up for Search Engine Optimization, I’ll leave it hanging, take another sip of coffee, and leave you with a drawing of a neck-bearded hipster.

My YouTube chat named him Ludo Maxwell.

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