Google is Censoring YouTube Livestream Chats?


While Twitch is cracking down on bot followers and those pesky chat bots, Google is censoring YouTube livestream chats. Chats by real people who say possibly misleading and erroneous statements in a casual conversation. At least as well as an AI can gauge such things.

I first ran into this last night while on The Global Frequency’s livestream. Links to my Indiegogo campaign for Gunship Thunderpunch were being taken down. Today during my art livestream innocuous comments were being struck in real time. You can watch the problematic stream below.

Before the powers that be decide you should not have Problematic Madge on a t-shirt or coffee mug (I bought one for myself!) Head over to my Tee Public store and snatch one up before it’s gone.

Then you can rest easy knowing that Skynet, er Google is censoring, um, is busy keeping your mind safe.

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