COVID-19 on social media: What happens when you post about having the ‘Rona.

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One night in February I woke up feeling…odd. It had been a few years since coming down with a fever, so I almost forgot what it felt like. As it turned out, the ‘Rona got me. And it got me good.

I didn’t have to go to the hospital, although I was about one day away from calling my doctor to see if I needed something. My 102 degree fever stuck around for almost a week and a half. So, of course, to make myself feel better I spent an unhealthy amount of time staring at my phone.

Here’s what happens when you post about having COVID-19 on social media.

covid on social media can be worse than covid in your body
I think it’s the least of your problems, sir.
  • FACEBOOK – People extend their warmest wishes, hugging emojis, and their most sensitively typed “oh noes“. Everyone is sorry your sick. They’re cheering you on to get better. Except that one guy who just points out he never has gotten it. Congrats?

  • TWITTER -EVERYONE IS IN THE HOSPITAL. Or has been. Or has taken months to recover. One person has died and is tweeting from hell (Twitter is banned in heaven.) Lots of advice on how to keep from getting in the hospital. Very little advice on how to avoid hell.

  • MINDS– You’re stupid for getting tested. You have a mild flu and testing positive doesn’t mean you’re infectious. Also, you should read this crudely drawn cartoon based on a quote from a doctor about the absurdity of all of our COVID measures. You have to stop reading the posts to go pop some more Tylenol to take edge off your non-infectious 102 temp.

  • YOUTUBE -Did you say the word COVID? There’s a CDC warning tagged on to your video for everyone about to hear you talk about it. But it’s not necessary, YouTube probably isn’t sharing your videos anyway.

So that’s what happens when you post about having COVID-19 on social media. I was pretty sick, but I still think a bigger pandemic on the world is Social Media.

Now if you excuse me, I have to go tweet this post out.

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