Classic Toon Warmup: The Flintstones and Adobe Character Animator

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I did a few classic cartoons as warmup on my morning YouTube livestreams this week. The Fred smashing the Adobe Character Animator logo was me venting my frustrations at that counter-intuitive program.

In the end it’s pretty much only good for triggering between frames over an audio file. But even then it takes FOREVER to render.

I’m probably doing it wrong, but I’m no stranger to adobe products–and if it takes me this long to get the hang of it then I don’t have time for it.

Below is a Covid Commander clip from me and Elliot Fernandez’s weekly show, Pair-O-Normals. The audio was pre-recorded and I used Character Animator to assign the face/head motions and triggered them as the audio file played. I still had to tweak it a bit and piece the two characters’ scenes together in Premiere.

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