Why you need to give yourself space to think


You need space to think. Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking if something doesn’t directly generate immediate results, we’re doing the wrong thing. “Is this making me money? No? Why am I doing it?” That’s the classic, utilitarian/pragmatic, trap we fall into, especially as freelancers or entrepreneurs.

You need space to think to come up with new directions.

This mindset doesn’t necessarily have to be about money either. Sometimes we think we’re wasting our time if what we’re doing isn’t generating immediate likes, subscribers, and comments. Same mindset, different currency.


Not everything needs to have a pragmatic end.

Of course, all that stuff is important. You have to make a living and promote your art/stories/whatever. But behind all those pragmatic ends should be a lot of thinking space, exploring, and really, just playing around.

Giving yourself space to thinkg generates more ideas. Pick the best ones.

In that relaxed thinking space we loosen up. And I think we do our best brainstorming when we’re relaxed. The time to refine, set deadlines for a particular project, and push ourselves hard comes later in the process. But you have to get there first.

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