Why you are abandoning drawings too quickly

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Sometimes I abandon drawings too quickly. It might be because I’m tired or not feeling into it or any number of subconscious reasons.

But sometimes it’s just because I’m lazy and want a solid drawing to appear by instinct rather than working out the sketch and refining it.

A good drawing is more satisfying when you have to hack away at it a bit. The happy accidents are fun, but you can’t count on them.

Most times you have to earn the right to enjoy a drawing. After you’ve paid the entry fee of a little thought and time. Even if it’s just something simple for fun.

I’ve never regretting doing something worthwhile even if at first every molecule in my being resists. Whether it’s going to the gym, learning a new skill, or trying to come up with a decent drawing.

In the coming months, take a little time to settle down, work things out and do something you’ll be satisfied with.

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