January 17, 2022

2 thoughts on “How to make your drawings more interesting

  1. Hello, I found your website and blog by accident. I was looking for how to use texture and overlays and one of the links was to your page about that.

    I enjoyed it. It was short but very useful.

    Then I roamed around your site.

    I found your blog.

    I read the first couple of entries, and I was very glad it was current. (I don’t know why I just was.)

    Then I read your entry on Jan 3 about adding a bit of story to your characters. It solved the problem I didn’t even know I had. I have never liked drawing characters in poses. They just stand there! In fact I am just working on one now, and loathing it.

    But then I added a bit of story (a tiny tentacle reaching out to grab? tap? tag? a mermans foot.) and poof, I was suddenly very interested in what was going on, and I was the one drawing it.

    Great advice. Thanks!

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