how to animate in clip studio paint

How to Animate in Clip Studio Paint — The Easy Way!

Tips tutorial

If you’re trying to figure out how to animate in clip studio paint, this might help. There are about four or five things to keep in mind getting started, and they’re not hard to learn, but they’re not obvious when you first get going.

I’m not a great animator, but if you’re looking to use Clip Studio’s animation features, my video above shows how to set it up start animating. You can export these animations too in different formats (Gif, mpeg, etc) and use them in other video editing software like Adobe Premiere or After Effects.

Here are a few example animations I’ve done:

Michael Pumpcaine will dance for you.
The Paula Abghoul dancers never stop.

Hope this helps! now that you know how to animate in clip studio paint, go make some cartoons!

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