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Last week I had to draw a comic book cover for the next issue of William the Last (published by Antarctic Press.) Below you’ll find the steps from initial thumbnail scribble, to a tighter scribble, to inks (which I did by hand this time), to color.

It took an afternoon, and the hardest part is always coming up with the layout/concept. Once that’s done it’s all just refining and drawing.

I draw my thumbnail/layout in red. There’s no real reason except that my eye is used to that (or blue) from years of inking on blue line. I switch it up from time to time to keep things fresh.

I’ll go into another layer and loosely refine the image in black or blue. Just fleshing things out a bit.

I printed out the sketch in blue on 11×17 paper and penciled it by hand this time. There’s only one other William the Last cover that’s a physical drawing, so I thought I would put this one up for sale.

The once the lineart was done, it was scanned back into the computer and colored in Clip Studio Paint. I put color over the line art on everything except the hawk (called a color hold.) This pushes things into the distance and keeps the main focus on the hawk and riders.

comic book cover for william the last

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