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The older and more skilled you get, the more you’ll realize there’s always people younger and better than you are.

If you’re going to have a balanced life and a career you don’t get burnt out on, you can’t keep on working weeks on end without a break. All those people asking where their art is? Yeah, they’re having weekends with their friends and family.

It’s better to stress over having too much work to do, than to stress over finding work.

A short nap can make the rest of your afternoon way more productive.

The worst part of my trip to London (getting through Boston) is the part I like to tell the most. The best parts of my trip usually get summed up with “We just did touristy stuff and hung out in pubs.”

In the mornings I sit on the porch with my son. When I’m tempted to pull out my phone I remind myself all that stuff on the internet isn’t going anywhere. The morning, on the other hand, only lasts so long and my son is growing up fast.


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