Freelancer Files: Shut Down the Factory, We’re Making ResponsibleAdult 1.0!


I’ve been dragging my feet trying to get my tax stuff together. Yesterday the day was mostly spent doing that, on customer service with Expedia for a half hour (apparently, the hotel I had booked for Botcon scheduled a renovation for that weekend), and trying to get some invoicing taken care of. I tend to drag my feed on administrative/business stuff.

Imagine you owned a factory. Your factory puts out SuperGreatProduct4.0™.  It’s the point of the factory. But the factory has an administrative staff that has to do some bookkeeping. Now imagine that every single time administration has to do their job, the factory has to shut down.

Welcome to being a freelancer! It’s the nature of the beast and if you’re not administratively-inclined, you will seriously hesitate shutting down the factory. Maybe my factory’s main product is really ResponsibleAdult 1.0™. 



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