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I went to see Batman v. Superman the other night, so I thought I would review the experience in case you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth your time.  We bought tickets early and while standing around waiting for my group to arrive I noticed several cosplayers leaving from an earlier showing. I couldn’t decide if their expressions were a good indication of how well the movie went over. It’s generally hard to plumb the emotional depths of a girl in Harley Quinn makeup.

Lots of people wearing Batman shirts, clearly he’s the top pick. At last my group arrived and we found our assigned seats. This is the first time I’ve been to “The Tavern,” a section of a local movie theater that’s designed to give adults a more luxurious movie-going experience. The seats were wide and comfy, though mine squeaked a bit when the leather brushed against the neighboring chair–a  situation I could have made really annoying for everyone in the theater if I were a jerk.

Menus were distributed. Servers were bustling back and forth and up and down the aisle during the previews taking orders. I got a Red Oak. The brewery is just up the road from my house and it’s always a good bet. We were on the aisle at the front section of the stadium seating that has the railing in front, and while this is usually a good area to prop up your feet, I wasn’t tall enough. It was fine. There was plenty of leg room to stretch out while I enjoyed my over-priced Peanut M&Ms and my Red Oak.

A red button was revealed under a swivel-out table on the armrest.  Fittingly like the button under the bust of Shakespeare in the old Batman TV show, but instead of revealing the bat poles it brings the waitstaff to your chair at any point during the movie.  For a while I wondered whether I should push the button for another Red Oak. I didn’t want to be a bother to my neighbors ordering during the movie. But in the end decided to make use of it and a second brew hit the spot.

All in all a comfy chair, snacks, two of my favorite drinks and a night out is good for the soul.

Oh, and there was a lot of noise and light on the screen that kept increasing exponentially until it reached a fever pitch. Then I realized I really needed to visit the bathroom.

Hope this helps!

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