2006 vs 2016 Mary Marvel

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I thought it would be fun to dig into my digital archives and see where my art skills were 10 years ago. 2006 is about where I started keeping more stuff scanned in so I sorted through some really bad drawings to find something I might like to re-draw today for comparison.

I remember drawing the 2006 Mary Marvel, vaguely, and if I’m not mistaken actually sold it. My apologies to the owner.

I could go on and on about how the anatomy is way off and how I spent way too much time on all that energy stuff outlining her. But I won’t, because you have eyes and you can see all that.

By comparison, the sketch on the right I did in about 25 minutes (I can’t remember how much time I spent on the other, but it was way longer than that) and even though it’s pretty quick and loose I think I’ve gotten a little better in the last decade. And yet still, miles and miles to go.

I feel like I’m such a slow learner when it comes to art.

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