The Webhost Shuffle (And Sketches Too)

Sketches and Studies

Behind the scenes I’ve been moving to a new webhost after more than a decade at a very sub-par provider. My webcomic and my personal site here have been moved over (and it might be just me, but I think they’re loading faster.) The only real difference is that now my blog and comic won’t be piggy backing on other domain names. That’s the problem with having a site for so long, I just kept the main url and adding blogs to it.

Anyway, instead of the old everything is now. That might mess up your RSS feeds. Might want to check. And the comic is just (RSS:

Okay enough of that. I’ve also be working hard to get things finished before heading to SDCC next week. In the middle of it I’ve had the time to do some sketching too. Because it’s a compulsion and I have a problem.

cowboylarry baroness nova tattoo

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