Art Resource Roundup (Jan 14)


Here are some of my useful finds while mining the internet.

Blambot – Lots of free and paid fonts here. I have used fonts from here for years and the site is definitely worth perusing.

Dick Blick items on clearance – I never remember to check this. But I should. Blick has great prices to begin with, and when they put things on clearance you can get a good deal.

10 Rules for Drawing Comics – Okay, this site hasn’t updated since 2013, but what’s still up there is worth reading. Comic pros give their 10 rules for drawing comics.

Photoshop Animation Tutorial – I didn’t know you could animate in Photoshop, but now I want to try.

Expressions Reference Project – This Deviant Art user has started a project where people submit their facial expressions (based on a chart that they download.) The result is a massive amount of facial expressions on various people.

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