Warm Up Sketch – Sept. 11, 2014

Sketches and Studies

phoenixcolorSometimes I run away a little with my warm up sketches. Today was such a day, where I doodled like the brake lines were cut.

Maybe my metaphor needs work, but you get the point. I did most of the colors in Manga Studio, but switched back to Photoshop before it was all said and done. I’m just more comfortable in PS and know where everything is.

Once I finished sketching in the figure I decided I’d make her Phoenix from X-Men. That simple little recognition factor added to it meant it got more play on Twitter than some of my other recent stuff. That’s the crazy thing about the internet. People love looking at art, but really want to see depictions of characters they already know.

It would be easy to get frustrated at that fact since every artist really wants to do their own characters and build their own worlds. But honestly, drawing (from time to time) an original version of a familiar character is a good thing. Like a musician playing a Jazz standard. People know the song, they want to see what the musician is going to do with it.




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