Art Resource Roundup


A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF TUTORIALS AND REFERENCE – I’ve found Pinterest really good for reference and tutorials. Apparently so does the the owner of this account, because the collection there is colossal.

JAMES GURNEY’S WEBSITE – I may have linked to this in the past, and I post on Twitter some of his paintings fairly frequently. But his site is a treasure chest full of good stuff. Take a moment to peruse the Index on the left of the page. You’ll find something that interests you.

JESSE HAMM’S ESSAYS –  Jesse is an artist with Marvel and I just last week discovered his website while looking for some information on Alex Toth. There are excellent thoughts on comic art and illustration here. He also has a great Twitter account of art tips.

ANDREW LOOMIS ON TWITTER – Well, not really, since he died in 1959, but his quotes are! Seriously if you haven’t got a copy of his Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth, drop what you’re doing and go get it.

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