Comic-con Journal: A Thursday Afternoon Interlude

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I’m waiting for a friend in front of a hotel barely a block from the convention center. Two security guys are checking for room keys before letting people into the lobby. A short teaser trailer plays for the new spider-man movie. Over and over–designed to engrain itself in your mind through sheer sensory overload. I imagine that should I live to be 100 I will still know that the villain in the second movie of the Spider-man reboot is Electro.

A black SUV pulls up. A man with an earpiece asks security to make a path. Cameras come out, the door opens and a young smiling man walks past within feet of me. For a few seconds average people transform into the paparazzi. He’s ushered in quickly. I don’t recognize him and am almost convinced most people don’t either. I begin to wonder if they’re taking pictures of the star or simply taking pictures of fame. A menacing voice reminds everyone once again that he’s Electro.

A group of young women dressed in generic superhero costumes gather around another young woman holding a clipboard. They’ve apparently been recruited to promote a movie on demand service. There’s a problem with their time sheets, they’ll sign them tomorrow. The menacing voice is still Electro.

The group disperses. I’m asked if I’m a San Diegan. I say that I’m not and the man, disappointed, says he is looking for fish tacos. I send him across the street. I’m proud of myself for knowing where to get fish tacos. Electro doesn’t seem to be impressed.

My friend shows up and my evening gets underway after my brief pause. The man re-emerges from the fish taco place complaining about the wait.


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