C2E2 2013, Transformers, and Vex

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The first con of the year has come and gone. It was a good show, though as the parent of a 1 year old I’m learning I’m always just on the edge of exhaustion. Even when I feel good I just can’t take staying up as late as I end up doing at cons. I’m also an introvert, which means at a certain point, usually the night of the 2nd day of a show, I never have time enough alone to recharge.

But all that aside, I did have a blast. I shared a table with Amy Chu and hung out a bit with Craig Yeung and had a fantastic time. I even made a little bit of money, which is good since I need that to purchase things…like food and water.

The day before leaving for the show I saw that Transformers: Robots in Disguise #16 came out. If you’re in to TF at all, I highly recommend that series, and not just because I worked on it.

Also, don’t forget about my Kickstarter for my creator-owned book, Vex. It only has 16 days left and we still have almost $8000 to raise. Yikes!




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