Tuesday Warm-ups, iPhone thievery, and the Rotring Art Pen

Sketches and Studies

My friend Marty had his iPhone stolen the other day from the gym.  He located it with the Find My iPhone app on his iPad, watched it travel down the road, and finally stop in someone’s driveway.  At the police station, he showed them where it was and the dispatcher told the officers what driveway to look for.

As the officer approached the house, the thief walked out without a word and handed him the phone.

This story has nothing to do with these sketches.  It was just the most interesting thing I heard this week.

Speaking of the sketches, though, I’ve started using the Rotring Art Pen.  I bought it a few years ago thinking the tip would be more flexible, like a croquill, but it wasn’t.  After picking it up again a few weeks ago, I realized that it really is a great pen — especially for sketching.

It took me a long time to realize it, not for any flaw in the pen, but because  my unmet expectations at the time kept me from seeing the strengths of the pen. 

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