St. Paddy’s Day Roundup O’Links


– My studiomate Robert Atkins has a kickstarter campaign going for a creator-owned book.  Check it out.  Be generous.  If you’re into that kind of thing.


This trailer for a French animated film entitled “Longway North”, aka “Tout en Haut du Monde” really looks interesting to me.  The animation has a certain…I don’t know what…to it. (See what I did there?)  (HT Jennifer Lerew)


I’ve been spending a little time looking over the work of Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá.  Go give their blog a test drive.


I’ve also really been into Sean Phillips work lately.  He regularly posts his works in progress over at his blog.  I like watching how other artists approach their work.


This video of animator Chuck Jones demonstrating how to draw Bugs Bunny has been making the rounds this week. And with good reason.  It’s fantastic.  There’s also some links to him drawing and commenting on several other Looney Tunes characters.



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