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My first creator-owned book was a little thing called GravyBoy.  It’s the book that put me on the other side of the table at conventions.  Writer Marty Blevins and I did the convention rounds lugging four issues of the series around from show to show.  Eventually we attempted to self-publish through Diamond and another distributor.  Not only was it an expensive experiment it also taught me that self-publishing is not for the faint of heart.

Every once in a while someone at a show will ask me about it.  Maybe I’ll revisit the character one day.  Back when I drew GravyBoy I was a different artist (as in, I was horrible) and today I thought I’d see what he looks like when I draw him now.  Apparently he looks like this:

GravyBoy and Company

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6 thoughts on “GravyBoy and Company

  1. … as opposed to… what? What did he look like before… you know, when you were horrible. How do I know you have grown in your craft if I don’t have a side-by-side comparison to view. I know I could seek you out at a convention to see the original issues but that just seems too time consuming and as an eight to five guy myself my schedule won’t allow it… nor will the wife.

  2. I don’t sell gravyboy at conventions anymore. That’s how horrible the art was.

    One day I’ll do a side by side comparison just to demonstrate the value of practice.

  3. They don’t carry it in the comic book store next to the Hair Shop either so it must have been really bad. JK!!!

  4. Actually they sold out whenever I had it there. It seemed to be pretty modestly popular.

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