Daily Sketch: Bruce (Finding Nemo)

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Daily Sketch for February 24, 2012 – Bruce from Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

When I was in middle school I was obsessed with sharks.  There was a book in the library all about shark attacks and I must have checked it out a dozen times.  It gave me a healthy fear of the ocean, though looking back it seems a bit macabre.  As an adult, I really don’t enjoy stories that end with people mutilated  (You hear me Lucas?!?) but I don’t think my interest was morbid.  I think it was just a natural curiosity.  One that fortunately, I got out of my system.

Though, I would still love to catch a shark.

For today’s sketch I did Bruce, the shark from Finding Nemo.  I drew Nemo two weeks ago, but didn’t post it because it turned out so utterly horrible.  Sharks are more interesting than clown-fish anyway.

Daily Sketch: Bruce from Pixar's Finding Nemo.

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