5 Great Art Blogs You Should Follow

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Here are five art related websites that you should visit.

Robert Atkins – Robert has been doing daily sketches for a while now while working on other projects including G.I. Joe for IDW.  He’s able to do this because he doesn’t sleep.  Ever.

Illustration Art – I may have linked to this site before, but it consistantly posts well-written and thought provoking articles on artists from various time periods.  Go read it.  Come away inspired.

Nathan Fowkes – Nathan is a concept artist and designer for movies and animation.  His portraits are spectacular. I’m especially partial to his charcoal drawings.

Gene Gonzales – Gene seems to stay pretty busy but still finds time to post regularly.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to see the process, he often posts images at different stages (pencils, inks, color.)

James Gurney – James is the creator of Dinotopia – The World Beneath.  His blog is full of good stuff (more than just dinosaurs, though they’re pretty awesome in and of themselves.)


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