NY Big Apple Con and Heroescon


I just got back from New York this weekend where I set up at Wizard’s Big Apple Spring Edition con. It was an odd set up. A space in the Pennsylvania Hotel that wasn’t terribly big, but was probably bigger than I thought. I’m not sure because the space was filled with large columns that blocked your line of sight from every direction making it hard to get a sense of what was there.

Several artists didn’t come back on Sunday. I’m guessing because it was so slow on Saturday. Although I think Sunday was actually a busier day. Which in my experience is odd.

The biggest issue I had with the con was the bottleneck to get in the door. Registration, the celebrity guests area, and the escalators to get to the main floor were all crammed around the front entrance. Getting badges on Saturday was a bit too hectic.

But the volunteers from the show were very helpful and made regular rounds to see if we needed anything. It wasn’t a bad show (and I have been to bad shows) there just seems to have been some logistical issues. I can’t complain too much since it’s always good to get away to NY for a weekend. Even if we did have to fly through a thunderstorm to get back home.

In less than two weeks. I’ll be set up at Heroescon in Charlotte. I’ll be doing sketches all weekend, and if you want to go ahead and get on my list feel free to let me know.

Now as soon as this coffee kicks in I’ve got to get back to it.

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