Hello 2011! (AKA The Future)


Well, 2011.  It looks like you arrived even though I was asleep at 12am.  Good to see that you didn’t need me after all.  That takes a little of the pressure off.

How about some goals for the year?  I’m big on goals but not resolutions.  There is a difference.  Resolutions fall apart when you lose your resolve.  With a goal there’s room for a little stumbling along the way.

This year Vex will be wrapping up (in May I believe.)  Danny and I will finish Deputy Witch by the spring (though it’ll be updating online for the rest of the year.)  Then we’ll start on our 3rd graphic novel.  I’m working up some new prints for shows, hopefully I’ll have 5 or 6 in time for San Diego.  Speaking of shows, in addition to SDCC I’m trying to work out Toronto, and definitely planning on the NYCC again.  Of course I hit the usual Heroescon and a few smaller cons as well.

This year will also be an experiment in promotion and marketing, the ugly side of the art business.  The problem is that when I browse through Barnes & Noble I see Marketing for Dummies but no Marketing for Idiots.  And as an idiot I find this very discouraging.   So far all my marketing has been trial and error.  Lots of web banners, fliers at shows, Twitter and Facebook.  Trying to successfuly promote a comic is one of the most challenging things I have ever attempted.  But then again, I might be making it harder than it should be.

I’ll know for sure when I find that book geared towards idiots like me.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!  Come up with some goals of your own and then accomplish them.  Go!

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