Updates: Cons, Vex, Cards, eBay…etc..


I have finally wrapped up all the big projects that have taken their toll on my time and energy over the last half of summer. The Marvel Heroes & Villains set was an immense challenge, especially in the middle of a convention heavy summer.  It’s put me way behind on commissions, though I only have about 5 or so outstanding.  My task for September is to recover and get refocused.

Vex is well into the 2nd chapter over at vexthecomic.com and new pages go up three times a week now: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If you’ve read through it and enjoy it, please take a moment to spread the word.

My next con is in New York the first weekend of October.  Following this are two smaller shows in November.  I was thinking about trying the Wizard World in Atlanta, but I’m still not sure.

Finally, my eBay sales are being handled by our studio art rep, Debbie Holden.  Her eBay name is dghartsales.  I think I currently have some Doctor Who pages up there as well as other drawings.

All for now.  I’ll post more sketches soon. Promise.

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