Virginia Comicon, Richmond VA. Feb 28th


Sunday, Feb. 28 I’ll be in Richmond, VA for the Virginia Comicon.

I’ve done the fall show for the last 3 years and it’s well run, well attended, and definitely worth your while if you’re looking for good show to attend.  And there are comics.  Lots of comics.

This is one of the shows our studio hits every year.  I’ll be up with Randy Green, Rick Ketcham, John “Waki” Wycough, and Kelly Yates.

The poster to the left is what we did for the show last November (which turned out to be a huge success.  The show, I mean, not the poster…well, people liked it too.)  I drew the Hulk and Betty and did the coloring.  The other figures were done by the rest of the studio.

Incidentally, my favorite thing about the poster is the fact that Batman is holding the Kool-aid man comic.

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