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Brian ShearerI’m a freelance artist living in Greensboro, NC.  I have worked on titles such as GI Joe, Transformers and Doctor Who as well as creator owned books (Vex, Deputy Witch) and my ongoing webcomic William the Last.

I hit six or seven comic conventions a year where I do commissions and sell prints. I’m also usually available for commission work via email.

When I’m not drawing I’m usually chasing my son around the house or vice versa and would like to be able to go outside more than I do. I also really like cheese.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Brian,
    Your art work is amazing!will you be doing any commission work at NYCC?
    If so please add me to your list.Thanks for your time…..John

  2. Hi John! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my work. I will indeed be doing commissions. I’ll be at table DD6 in Artist Alley. Please stop by!

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