Drawing Environments: Keeping it Simple

It doesn’t take much to change the context of a setting. In the above image we’re just looking out over a field–maybe standing in tall grass or at the edge of an unseen pond. Maybe we’re miles from anyone and we just have time to sit, think, and watch nature.context-environment2


A couple lines and curves and now we’re not so far from town. Looks like there’s a road over there. Suddenly our isolated piece of nature is accessible to other people. Well, at least we’re tucked away behind this nice rolling hill.





Well, crap. A couple more curves and suddenly we’re under power lines. Are we standing on a road? I wanted to be alone!





From the position of the sign it looks like we’re definitely standing on a road. Well, if we want seclusion we’d better find another hill in another field.

Look for the simple ways to communicate context and location. Let the words of Alex Toth ring in your ears, “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!”





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