This weekend was my first experience with a Transformers convention. Charticon was a two day show in Charlotte, NC and what a blast! It also helps that I’m a fan of Transformers in addition to doing work on the comic. I spent three hours in crazy traffic and barely got there for the panel I was supposed to do entitled “How to Draw Transformers.” When I walked in I was surprised to find the room pretty much full:


I was given a computer and tablet to do demonstrations, which I thought was going to be really awkward since I’m not that great at drawing with a tablet. But I did better than I thought I would. My studiomate John “waki” Wycough was beside me and IDW Transformers penciler Brenden Cahill came to help add more insight into the process. Here I am trying to figure out if I can pull off drawing on the computer:


As it turns out, I could.


At the end I did a couple head sketches in ball point pen for a few people.


The rest of the show was pretty good. I did quite a few head sketches over the weekend, but only managed to take pictures of a handful.

charticon1 charticon2 charticon3 charticon4

Overall a great show and a fun  time hanging out with other IDW creators and fans. I’m looking forward to more TF shows. I really want to do Botcon now.

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