• SDCC 2013 is in the can and I’m trying to recuperate as fast as possible since I have a mountain of pages to catch up on. I wandered around for most of the show (unknowingly following Matt Smith around, who was wearing a Bart Simpson mask) and ducked daily into a cigar bar that was blissfully unoccupied by con-goers. That helped my sanity more than anything.
  • I successfully avoided standing in line for anything and almost met my goal of not taking things that were handed to me. I only distractedly took one postcard.
  • I flew home yesterday and finally ended up sitting next to a lady who wanted to talk. I realized…I don’t like talking on planes.
  • In case you’ve missed it, I’ve started a new side project called William the Last. A new page goes up every Monday at Williamthelast.com.




I also see that the cover I inked for GI Joe Special Missions #5 over Shannon Gallant is out on some preview sites. So I guess I can go ahead and post that. I inked this one while my wife and I were on vacation for a couple days. It involved at least 3 trips to Kinkos.

It’s also a rare instance of doing the lettering right on the board.

 GIJOE_Spcl_Miss_5_inks GIJOE_SpclMiss_5_cover



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