Here’s a recent spot illustration I did for Super Teacher Worksheets featuring a runner with a prosthetic blade.  I wasn’t aware of the blades until just before the Olympics when I saw these photos by Andy Hooper of Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius racing this 8-year-old girl.

Since I sent the images to be approved at the pencil stage, I have some record of the process.   Usually I’m focused on getting the work done and end up not scanning the pencils unless I really need to. I’ve been using a mechanical pencil (.05mm) with blue lead to sketch things out before tightening things up with an HB or F lead.  Here’s the last stage of pencils before going to inks.

I inked it using Faber Castell Pitt pens, as well as my Pentel Pocket Brush here and there.

From here on everything else was done in Photoshop where I added the colors.  For those of you interested in the process of how comics are made, this is essentially it.  Though, with the advent of tablets like the Cintiq, some artists work completely digital. Personally, I like feeling the paper and ink on my fingers and creating something that exists even when the power goes out.

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